Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Check out my New Blog

I have started a new blog for my ministry in South Africa. Please check it out here.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Visiting Paul and Shannon Again

My dad and I drove to NJ to visit my brother Paul and his wife Shannon and of course their dog - Gimli! I am so glad that I was able to get one last visit in before my return to South Africa on Tuesday! We had a great time and all enjoyed some shooting. There are bonuses to living in the country.

Before heading out today we enjoyed some Chinese food. Yummy! By the way - don't you LOVE Shannon's shirt - I do!!

The drive home was gorgeous as the sun was setting. All in all a great trip!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunch with the Old People

Yep, that is what they call themselves, and they are so kind to allow me to join them each Sunday for lunch! I will miss this wonderful time of fellowship when I return to South Africa. These sweet people love me and pray for me despite my many flaws! They are so very dear to me!!

Pastor and Mrs. Moats

The Moats' have been family friends since I was a kid and I love them dearly. It was wonderful to be able to spend Saturday evening with them. It is hard to say "hi and bye" and know that it will be one or two years before I see them again. Mrs. Moats has won her battle against breast cancer and would appreciate your prayers that she won't have to fight it again!

A Game Night

Friday night several ladies from Wayside gathered at Hope's home for a fun night of games. We played In a Pickle, Apples to Apples Bible Edition, Imaginiff . . . , and Rummikub. There was much laughter, fighting (to prove how one was right!), and utter silliness. A wonderful night for all involved!!! Oh yeah, and of course there was snacks - a nearly perfect night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Breakfast Bible Study

This morning I joined the Wayside ladies for a breakfast Bible study. These ladies sure can cook and the meal was delicious.

Some people feel that only using one fork isn't really effective! Go Becky!

It was a wonderful morning which ended with a great Bible study on prayer. Thanks Lorie!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Away with Friends

Last week I went away with some dear missionary friends. Bekah and I have been friends since we joined the mission board in 2000. Josh and Bekah Jones have been friends since they joined the mission board a few years later. I love their three dear children, Caleb, Bekah-Lynn, and Stephen and enjoy being Auntie Amy. On our last day, Bekah and I went to Jim Thorpe, a really cute town. We enjoyed lunch at the Albright Mansion - a tea room style place.

We also enjoyed browsing the shops. It was such a quaint picturesque town!

The drive home on Saturday was snowy but beautiful. The trees were covered in ice and snow. Though part of the trip was a bit hairy, I made it home safely! I loved spending time with these wonderful missionary friends! (Sorry for the lack of pictures - I was having too much fun to think about taking pictures!)

Trip to NJ

On New Year's Day my parents and I drove to NJ to visit my brother Paul and his wife Shannon. Oh yeah, and my parent's grandpuppy, Gimli! They spoil this dog for sure. He enjoys doing tricks for treats or ice cubes.

On our way home Friday we stopped and ate at a great little diner. Then we began our drive home - it was a wonderful visit and I can't wait to visit them again! (And yes I stayed out of the pictures AGAIN! Smart me!)

Mini-Golf Fun

The week after Christmas my dad and mom babysat our pastor's two children for two days. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a day of indoor mini-golf. Dad beat us all! Jaymie and Jayson were only one point apart - way to go!!

We played games and built Legos! Fun times with two great kids!

Christmas Eve

Oops, I am out of order - that happens when you are behind in posting!!! Christmas Eve morning, my mom, Lorie, Jaymie, Susan, and I went beading. (The only picture of me was too blurry - so sorry!) I had never done this before and was surprised at how easy it is.

Here is my starting point and then the finished product. Pretty, right? I could so do this again!